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City of Frederick Day 2016 in Annapolis Highlights Key City Projects

Thursday, January 28, 2016 was Frederick Day in Annapolis. Each year, The City of Frederick and its partners update legislators and state leaders on City projects and report on the key infrastructure and growth projects underway. 

"This provides a unique opportunity for Frederick to really showcase our community and the projects that are moving Frederick forward," said Richard Griffin, Director of Economic Development for The City of Frederick. The Department of Economic Development coordinates with the Mayor's office and city departments each year to plan the event. 

Photos from Frederick Day in Annapolis.
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Together We Can Grow Frederick's Future
Building a Stronger and Safer Maryland - Project Highlights and Updates

Downtown Hotel and Conference Center / Parking Deck 6

The City of Frederick is partnering with a hotel developer, selected through a competitive RFP process, to construct a privately owned and operated $64M full-service hotel and conference center in Downtown Frederick. The public on-site improvements, including parking, will cost approximately $20M. This is the top priority of the Frederick County Chamber of Commerce’s Major Employers Group, and projected to offer many benefits, including: 

  • 207 rooms with 24,000 square feet of meeting space 
  • Public Parking Garages: 750 spaces (100 on-site/650 off-site) 
  • 280 total jobs 
  • $1.5M annually in State taxes 
  • $25.8M in direct, indirect, and induced spending
Frederick Municipal Airport - Maximizing Airport Safety and Capacity

Frederick Municipal Airport (FDK) is the second busiest airport in Maryland and well positioned to become the preferred executive airport in the National Capital Region. It is seeking funding to support a multi-year program to extend the primary runway (5/23) and create space for aeronautical development. Current projects include:

  • Design and demolition of aviation obstructions along Bailes Lane, etc.
  • Washington gas line relocation
  • Demolition of obstructions including 14 buildings near the airport that penetrate protected surfaces or zones
  • Relocation of a gas line owned and operated by Washington Gas
  • Engineering tasks to eliminate obstructions and ensure compliance with FAA criteria
  • Partnering with MAA for design of a snow removal equipment (SRE) building; seeking FY17 grant for construction
These projects will enhance safety, increase airport capacity, and allow us to better accommodate corporate operators with available ramp space and hangar development opportunities.

Shared Use Path Connection Under Route U.S. 15

The City of Frederick is planning a shared use path connection to give cyclists and pedestrians a passage under U.S. 15 as part of a path between Waterford and Baker parks. This critical path will unite the east and west ends of the City and provide an alternate transportation link to employment, Downtown Frederick and The Golden Mile, and community resources.

Project Updates

Monocacy Boulevard/U.S. 15 Interchange Improves Safety and Relieves Congestion
The #1 Infrastructure Priority for Frederick City and County for over 5 years

The Monocacy Boulevard and U.S. 15 Interchange will provide a full-diamond interchange, improving safety by eliminating at-grade intersections on U.S. 15. Design is complete, and construction began in 2015. The project provides:

  • Congestion relief from pass through traffic, local development, and Fort Detrick growth
  • Hiking and biking tails, sidewalks, on-street bike lanes, lighting, landscaping, and pedestrian accommodations
  • Park and Ride with 390 spaces connects to future Rails With Trails 
  • This improvement complements other road improvements, such as Monocacy Boulevard Center Section Phase II, which will add 14,000 linear feet of a 4-lane roadway, alleviate congestion, create safe routes for emergency access during flood events, and add hiking/biking trails, sidewalks, and trees

Culler Lake Renaissance in Baker Park 
Restoring water quality and aesthetic character 

Culler Lake, in the heart of Baker Park, was established 90 years ago. Today, the park is in need of restoration to improve water quality and the aesthetic character of the lake. In partnership with Friends of Baker Park, a two-phased plan is in place to address the restoration. Construction will begin in spring of 2016. The project will:

  • Dredge and restore Culler Lake (Phase I)
  • Install wetlands and stormwater infrastructure to treat approximately 60 acres of untreated impervious area
    (Phase I)
  • Add new shared use paths and fountains (Phase I)
  • Add a pavilion and overlook, additional paths, benches, signage, pedestrian crossing and entrance features, and skate house improvements (Phase II)

Thank You For Your Support 
The State of Maryland helped make these projects possible

Weinberg Center for the Arts Receives New HVAC System
With your support, the HVAC replacement is underway so the Weinberg can continue providing programming throughout the year. This 1,100 seat historic performing arts theater attracts 70,000 patrons and generates $7M in economic impact annually.

Carroll Creek Park Phase II Will Be Complete in Early 2016
This public-private partnership has spanned six administrations. Carroll Creek Park, as a flood control project, effectively removed Downtown Frederick from the 100-year floodplain and restored economic vitality to the historic commercial district. Over $100 million in private investment is underway or planned in new construction, infill development, or historic renovation along the park.

Waste Water Treatment Plant Receives Upgrades

Upgrades to Frederick’s Waste Water Treatment Plant will bring the plant into compliance with recent EPA mandates for ENR. It will reduce nitrogen and phosphorus discharges to the Chesapeake Bay and tributaries and will improve water quality. Construction started in September 2015 with completion expected in January 2017.

U.S. 40 / Golden Mile Improvements

Thanks to the State Highway Administration (SHA) for pedestrian and motorist safety improvements along U.S. 40, also known as The Golden Mile. This multifaceted project included repaving, restriping, reconstructing and upgrading traffic signals, and the installation of pedestrian safety fence.


If you have any questions about these projects, please feel free to contact Mayor Randy McClement. He can be reached at 301-600-1380.

Thank You To Our 2016 Sponsors

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Introducing Thrive Frederick - A New Marketing Concept for DED

Whether it's your first visit to Frederick or you call it home, you notice it thrives. It has 
  • Thriving Arts, Culture & Music
  • Thriving Shops and Dining
  • Thriving Small Businesses
  • Thriving Manufacturing and Biotech Companies
  • A Thriving Historic Downtown
  • Thriving Students and 
  • A Thriving Economy.
Here, thriving is a state of mind for local business owners and residents and a defining feature of the community. 

When Frederick's Department of Economic Development (DED) wanted to update their marketing materials, it didn't have to look far for inspiration. Every day, the department strives to increase economic opportunity in Frederick by supporting and promoting a community where businesses and residents can THRIVE. 

Beginning in 2016, DED will roll out new marketing materials as they promote their services to the community and represent Frederick as a business destination. The fresh, new colors and design represent the forward-moving and thriving community of Frederick.  

The Process
DED contracted with Jean Peterson Design for the Brand Development Discovery process and to develop the new look and feel for the department's marketing materials. Community partners and business leaders were invited to participate in a brand discovery survey that helped guide the new concept. 

Through stakeholder surveys, it was determined the new look and feel should be 
  • Simple
  • Hi-Tech Industrial
  • Modern
  • Refined
  • Colorful
Favored colors included
  • Blue
  • Navy Blue
  • Orange Red
  • Black
  • Gray
  • Green
  • Yellow / Gold
The information was gathered and analyzed, and with recommendations from senior City staff and the Economic Development Advisory Council, a new marketing concept was chosen. 

Coordinating the Concept 
As a part of the overall project, the same Brand Development Discovery process was used for two additional City departments, Parking and the Airport. Jean Peterson Design found the uniting elements, and created a concept that works across multiple departments. These are harmonious side-by-side, but each can be used independently as well.

How The Concepts Will Be Used
These colors and designs will guide printed collateral such as rack cards, advertising, trade show panels, presentations, digital media, and more. It will give marketing materials a fresh look and feel as these departments represent Frederick locally, regionally, nationally, and even internationally. The concepts are designed to work in coordination with the official city seal and present a cohesive marketing effort. 

Made in Frederick: ShieldCo

In the City of Frederick, a variety of local businesses make and manufacture their own products. From popcorn and coffee to dog treats, many small businesses are choosing Frederick as a place to make their products and to do business.

Made in Frederick is a feature that showcases these businesses and their products.

Made in Frederick: ShieldCo

ShieldCo is a family and veteran owned business, owned by brothers Luke and Neil Markey, along with their father, Peter Markey. The company is located in Frederick, Maryland and creates custom business signage and interior décor for a variety of clients. 

From business plaques to sports logos, ShieldCo can make a quality piece of interior artwork for any customer. ShieldCo has made custom products for the University of Maryland, Columbia University and many other clients. The company has even created custom metal pieces of Central Park and the Frederick skyline.

The City of Frederick's Department of Economic Development had the chance to stop by ShieldCo's offices and talk to co-owners, Luke and Neil.

Q&A with ShieldCo Co-Owners, Neil and Luke
Neil and Luke took the time to answer a few questions about their business, their products, and why they enjoy doing business in Frederick.
SheildCo co-owners and brothers Luke and Neil Markey.
Photo courtesy of www.shieldcoart.com. 

How long has your company been in business?

What is your product/products?
Custom 3D business signage and interior décor.

What makes your product different? 
We turn logos and designs into art. Our technique allows companies to take a 2D logo and make a unique 3D representation. All our pieces are laser cut and industrially powder coated so they can be used inside or out and will last lifetimes.

What do you want your customers to know about your product?
It will make their company or organization stand out from the rest. It is durable and will last and is made locally in Frederick, Maryland.

What does Frederick offer a company like yours? 
Great support from local customers who believe in us and want to see us succeed. Great artisan and artistic culture that appreciates quality and design. 

Want more information on ShieldCo?
If you would like to see more of the products ShieldCo produces or would like to get information on how to purchase your own piece of custom artwork, visit ShieldCo's website.

Connect with ShieldCo


Want to be featured on our blog?
If you or your business has a product that's made here in Frederick, contact us and your local business could be featured in our next blog post.

This story was completed by our fall 2015 intern from Hood College, Nick Masucci.