Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Perfect Truffle is Made in Frederick

Randy Olmstead, Chef/Owner of The Perfect Truffle, creates hand-crafted chocolate confections in his Downtown Frederick location. 

In The City of Frederick, many local businesses make and manufacture their own products. From distilled spirits to dog treats, companies are choosing Frederick as a place to make their products and do business.  

Made in Frederick is a feature that showcases these businesses and their products. 

Randy Olmstead, Chef/Owner of The Perfect Truffle, creates hand-crafted chocolate confections in his Downtown Frederick location. This month, he shares his secrets for sweet success in Frederick. 

Q: What makes your product different or unique?
A:  First, we are the only chocolate shop in Frederick who makes their product in Frederick. Our production is done onsite. When you walk into the shop you can take in all the different aromas. Secondly, we utilize modern techniques alongside classic techniques in our chocolate making process which provides bright colorful geometric shapes with classic full bodied flavors.

Q: What do you want your customers to know about your product?
A: Currently we have approximately 65 different flavors. Seasonal flavors rotate in and out. We constantly offer different flavors in our store. Each time you come in you will most likely see flavors you did not see from your last visit. We continually push ourselves to create new robust flavors and stunning appearances.

Q: Why are you located in Frederick?
A: Frederick provided a great opportunity for a small business in its infancy to begin and grow. Proximity to DC, Baltimore, Harrisburg, and N. Virginia

Q: What does Frederick offer a company like yours?
A: Frederick supports small business like mine.  We are not overshadowed by large global companies.

Visit The Perfect Truffle
25 N. Market Street
Frederick, MD 21701

HoursSunday 12 p.m. - 6 p.m.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. 
Thursday, Friday, Saturday 10 a.m. - 8 p.m. 

Photography by Melissa Dryman, Fall 2016 Hood College Intern

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Shop Small to Make a Big Difference

Saturday, November 26, 2016 marked “Small Business Saturday,” a day established to help support local merchants and the economy on one of the busiest shopping weekends of the year. Shopping small is about supporting locally-owned businesses, shops, and restaurants while strengthening the economy in Frederick.

Shopping small has the ability to make a positive impact on the local economy. Frederick households spend an average of nearly $2,300 on clothing, apparel, and jewelry, according to Esri Business Analyst. Shifting more of that spend to small Frederick businesses helps keep money within the local community. Frederick residents also like to dine out. Households in the city spend over $3,500 a year on food purchases away from home, which is 14% above the national average according to Esri Business Analyst. 

Luckily 95% of all businesses in Frederick are small business, so there are abundant shopping and dining choices within the city to enjoy throughout the year. 

From the Golden Mile to East Frederick to Downtown Frederick, here is a snapshot of our small business community.   

Select photos by Hood College intern Melissa Dryman.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Inspiring Office: First United Bank & Trust Finds New Office Space in a Former Cannery

In The City of Frederick, business spaces go beyond basics. Here, unique offices allow businesses to cultivate creativity, express their company's culture, and create a work environment that inspires. From industrial to classic, artsy to funky, historic to high tech, spaces abound to meet a variety of needs.

Inspiring Offices is a feature that highlights some of the creative and unique office spaces in Frederick. Get a behind-the-scenes look at First Untied Bank & Trust

First United Bank & Trust
Q&A with Dave Esworthy, Market President at First Untied Bank & Trust.

Why did you choose your current office location and how long have you been located there?

We wanted to find a new location in downtown Frederick and were attracted to the prominence of the Monocacy Valley Cannery Building on the new Gateway into the City. The quality and character of the building is unmatched and we did our best to leverage these strengths in the design of our new office. We also like the location since it is right in the center of planned development on the east side of Frederick, convenient to I-70, and within walking distance to the historic district. We have been open since April and have been very pleased with our choice.  

Was it “move in” ready or did you have to design/fit it out?
We leased space in the historic section of the building which was just a shell, so we needed to fit out the entire space.   

What inspirations did you use to decorate/design the space?
Our goal was to leverage the historic charm of the building yet create a very contemporary and welcoming space for our clients. We retained some of the characteristics of the Cannery using new materials like sliding glass doors as well exposed brick and beams.

What are the most unique aspects about your office space?
We have a mural in our vestibule that has pictures of the Cannery in operation early in the 20th century. It showcases some of the technology and people that worked here, and occasionally we have folks stop in that knew someone who worked here. We’ve also had compliments on our community room that is available for non-profit organizations and clients for meetings.

What do you, your employees, or customers like best about the space?
Many people come in and ask, “Is this a bank?”, and they are really impressed with the technology and unique features to handle routine transactions and complex financial needs. Clients love the openness of the space along with the mix of contemporary finishes and historic charm with the exposed bricks and beams.   

Find Your Own Inspiring Office
If you are looking to open or expand a business in Frederick, we can help.  Contact us, and let us help you find your own inspiring office space so you can build your dream. 

If YOU know of any interesting office spaces, let us know and we will put them on our list to feature.

Transformative Projects of Frederick - New York New York Salon & Day Spa

Story by Bobby Baumler with photography by Melissa Dryman

This new series will highlight a variety of transformative projects within The City of Frederick. These projects provide a significant change through capital investment, improving community conditions, expanding access to employment, or more. 

Our first project provides a look back at the rehabilitation of the historic mansion and former Robert E. Dailey and Son Funeral Home located at 1201 North Market Street. New York New York Salon & Day Spa owner Mary Louise Riser purchased the property and embarked on a two-year renovation and complete rehabilitation of the property. The mansion dates back to 1878 and is now the new home for New York New York. 

The salon is celebrating its 30th anniversary in Frederick and debuted its custom-designed salon and spa with a ribbon cutting and grand opening on October 18, 2016.  Scroll down for a series of "before and after" pictures, demonstrating the meticulous attention to detail and stunning final design of the space.

The men's grooming and barber room features both the original marble fireplace and hardwood floors.

Extra effort went into incorporating this former fireplace into a storage area for hair products.
A view from the front foyer area. The new nail station area included the beautiful dental moldings and original wainscot paneling.
This upstairs restroom retained its original tile and vanity top. The refreshed space is now pristine and chic.

This framed piece sits atop a stone fireplace in the basement of the salon and encapsulates this transformative project.

Various images in early 2016 as demolition work began on the property.

In the lower right picture, observe the original hand-painted wallpaper that was preserved behind the bed.

The New York New York team posed for a staff picture in late August as construction was nearing the final stages.

Recent Tour Highlights 3 Reasons Why Frederick Remains an Attractive Location for Business

Commercial real estate professionals from Frederick and beyond attended the 2016 Taste of Downtown Frederick Property Tour on October 20, 2016. Participants had the opportunity to tour Downtown Frederick and learn more about available office and retail properties, major City projects, and available programs to encourage rehabilitation within Downtown Frederick. The tour departed from City Hall and included a walking tour of Carroll Creek and the Downtown Frederick commercial district. Along the way, guests enjoyed sips and samples from a several of Frederick's culinary destinations.

The commercial broker community serves as a vital economic development partner.  Brokers actively market Frederick as a business destination and often serve as the first point of contact in the Frederick community for prospective businesses.

3 Reasons Why Frederick Remains an Attractive Location for Business
  • Quality of Life and Location - Frederick is a desirable location for residents and businesses to locate.  Businesses locating in Downtown Frederick can enjoy funky and fun office spaces with exposed brick and original charm, while being a part of a vibrant and strategically located metropolitan area.  Here are a few highlights:
    • Two-thirds of the U.S. population is within a day's drive
    • Within 50 miles of 3 international airports 
    • Close proximity to federal agencies 
    • Top 10 Best Downtowns (, 2014) 
    • Well-educated - Nearly 40% of residents hold a Bachelor's degree or higher 
    • Award-winning public education system. All high schools rank in the top 10% National Challenge Index.
  • Programs to encourage investment - Participants learned about the available tax credit and grant programs available to property owners and businesses to encourage investment and rehabilitation in Downtown Frederick, including:  
    • Facade improvement grant - In partnership with the Downtown Frederick Partnership and the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development, eligible businesses may receive a 1:1 match on qualified exterior facade improvements. This program is also available along the Golden Mile and in the East Frederick area. 
    • Business personal property tax phase-out - In 2015, The City of Frederick adopted a 10-year phase-out of the business personal property tax. Additionally, manufacturers that have acquired new business personal property after January 1, 2015 may be eligible for a 100% tax credit.
    • Vacant commercial rehabilitative tax credit - The credit encourages properties to be rehabilitated and placed back into active use. All commercial properties that have been vacant and marketed for at least 18 of the last 24 months prior to the start of rehabilitation are eligible for the tax credit. This rehabilitative tax credit can be claimed for 7 years.
    • Historic preservation tax credits - Properties located within the Historic District may be eligible for tax credits on both City and County real property taxes.
  • Business infrastructure - The City of Frederick remains committed to making investments in public infrastructure that are necessary to attract and retain private investment and business growth. Recent projects highlighted on the tour included:
    • Carroll Creek Park - The multi-modal urban park project was completed in May 2016 (Phase II) and is expected to attract over $150 million in new private construction, hundreds of new jobs, and increased tax revenue.
    • Downtown Frederick Hotel & Conference Center - The Marriott hotel will feature 207 rooms and 24,000 SF of meeting space and will serve as an anchor along Carroll Creek.  The $84 million project will create 280 jobs (110 direct) and $26 million in annual economic impact.
    • Wastewater Treatment Plan Upgrades - The plant upgrades ensure compliance with recent EPA mandates and will reduce nitrogen and phosphorus discharges to the Chesapeake Bay.  This $51 million project (Phase II) will be completed by January 2017.
The Taste of Downtown Frederick Property Tour was organized by the City of Frederick Department of Economic Development in partnership with Downtown Frederick Partnership and the Frederick County Office of Economic Development.  The event was made possible with support from our sponsors:

Looking For a New Business Space?
The Department of Economic Development (DED) provides no cost business location services, including access to the CoStar commercial property database. 

Connect with DED via Facebook, Twitter, or email to expand your business location search.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Made in Frederick: Equipment Development Company (EDCO)

By Bobby Baumler
Photography By Melissa Dryman, Hood College Intern

In The City of Frederick, many local businesses make and manufacture their own products. From distilled spirits to dog treats, many businesses are choosing Frederick as a place to make their products and do business.  

Made in Frederick is a feature that showcases these businesses and their products.

Made in Frederick: Equipment Development Company (EDCO)
Located on Thomas Johnson Drive, among medical offices and surgical centers, EDCO has been producing its American made machines in Frederick since 1978. EDCO's floor grinders, saws, and other tools set the standard in the construction rental industry. Marketing Director Jason Stanczyk answered a few questions about EDCO and let us have a behind-the-scenes tour of how their products are made.

A view of the loading dock area where assembled machines are placed in shipping crates prior to being sent to customers around the world.

How long has your company been in business?
EDCO has been in business since 1959. The company started in Sliver Spring, MD and relocated to Frederick in 1978. 

What is your product/products?
We have two businesses:  EDCO Inc. and EDCO Fabrication.

EDCO Inc: We manufacture and sell a complete line of surface preparation, removal, & professional sawing equipment. The product families include, floor grinders, surface planers, tile removers, street saws, hardscape saws, and tile saws. These products are sold world-wide.

EDCO Fabrication: EDCO Fabrication is a full service fabrication provider specializing in laser cutting, forming and welding. We also offer finishing capabilities that include powder coating, wet painting and assembly. We can fabricate, weld, and finish large runs of various parts and products for all kinds of manufacturing companies. This services regional manufacturers.

What makes your product different?

The laser cutting machine reads computer-aided design
files to create custom metal pieces for both EDCO
machines and for EDCO Fabrication clients.
EDCO Inc:  What separates EDCO from competitors is product life span. Every product we manufacture is designed to be over-built and long-lasting.  The vast majority of EDCO products are sold into the rental industry, companies who buy product to rent to end users. Product life-span is crucial to rental success. The longer a rental item lasts, the more profit the item will produce. While competitors manufacture overseas, EDCO manufactures everything in America.  Raw steel enters our Frederick facility and leaves as finished products.

EDCO Fabrication:  Attention to detail and customer service separates us from competitors.  We have staff dedicated to assisting, quoting, following up, and delivering fabricated products to other manufacturers.  Staff takes customer specs and turns them into the item customers expect.

Beginning with a sheet of metal, the pieces are laser cut and welded together.  The pieces are then sent to the paint booth for a powder coat and then baked in the oven.  Following this process, the machines are assembled and tested prior to being packaged and shipped out to customers.
What do you want your customers to know about your product?

EDCO wants customers to know that when they invest in EDCO products or EDCO Fabrication that they have superior customer service. That's what our company is built on.  One of our company values reads like this: "Customer Dependent:  EDCO does not pay our salaries, the customer does. We remember that in everything we do. We are nothing without the customer." EDCO owes its customers the best service and product training.

Why are you located in Frederick?

We've been located in Frederick since 1978. EDCO originally moved to Frederick because 1) the company founders needed affordable manufacturing space for their growing company and 2) they liked the quiet living of 1970s Frederick.

Since EDCO's move from Sliver Spring, it has occupied an existing Frederick facility, built a new facility, and then added a massive space extension. EDCO's growth was never met with resistance.  Frederick's proximity to shipping lanes, Washington & Baltimore, and international airports make it a convenient area to ship product nationally and worldwide. We hire local employees directly out of Frederick County Public Schools - many who received specific manufacturing-related training from the Career and Technology Center.

Frederick has grown since 1978. EDCO is a family company with multiple generations involved. Frederick is a safe and vibrant place to raise our families. EDCO is proud its corporate headquarters is here.

What does Frederick offer a company like yours?

Frederick offers opportunity - professionally and personally.

Professionally - The area has good people.  We have employees who have been with EDCO for decades. The region houses many other manufacturing companies that are customers of EDCO Fabrication.

Personally - Frederick City is a vibrant, safe, and fun place to live. The area offers many opportunities for personal growth.

Connect with EDCO